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Check the policy before buying any insurance, writes Lesley Parker. Read more: The huge growth in ''direct'' selling of insurance, and the high-rotation  television advertising allied with that, has attracted the attention of  financial services regulators. They are keeping an eye on both the quality of the products being sold and  the depth of information consumers are getting. ''Direct life insurance business has been growing at a high rate and is now a  significant proportion of the retail market,'' an executive group member of the  Australian Prudential Regulation Authority,  Ian Laughlin, told a conference  recently. ''We are concerned that the quality of the products and of the business being  written may be poor in some cases. We see examples of expensive products and  high [policy] discontinuance rates.'' The commissioner of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission  (ASIC), Peter Kell, says there's nothing intrinsically wrong...

[blue]Article by Jason Clout - The Age - [/blue] Imagine that you had a machine that  pumped out $100 notes. Would you insure  this miracle device? You'd be nuts not to. Well, that is analogous to what the  main breadwinner in a family does, points out Jordan Hawke, executive general  manager at Asteron Life, "yet they often won't insure themselves". Industry research suggests that protecting the family's lifestyle after death  or permanent incapacitation - or even protecting the weekly wage while off work  for a shorter term - has not been a priority for many. And that's because Australians traditionally have been ''more interested in  accumulating wealth than protecting it", Hawke says. <iframe id="dcAd-1-3" src=";cat=money;ctype=article;pos=3;sz=300x250;tile=3;ord=1.9637659E7?" width='300' height='250' scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0"> < /iVALUE YOURSELF Actuaries at Rice Warner calculate a young couple aged 35 with children needs  $500,000 to provide even the bare minimum...