5 Reasons to Style your Home before Selling

5 Reasons to Style your Home before Selling

Styling your home for sale is not a new concept but it has grown in popularity as anecdotal evidence suggests it can help your property sell faster and for a better price.

Displaying a property’s full potential with property styling (also known as property staging) can be as simple as removing or adding a few decorative pieces or as extensive as refurnishing the entire home.

Here’s 5 reasons why many real estate agents recommend it.

  1. Makes a great first impression

It’s often said that a buyer makes a decision about whether they like a property in the first 30 seconds, so property styling can create this ‘wow’ factor. Introducing the right combination of colours and textures, furniture, art and soft furnishings can bring out the best in a property, making small rooms appear more spacious and cold spaces feel warm.

      2. Brings more people through the door on inspection day

With so many buyers doing their research online, it’s important to impress at this first stage with great photographs that prompt people to visit the open house.

      3. Helps buyers visualise the property’s potential

Most buyers don’t have the vision to mentally furnish and decorate a vacant room, or to see past clutter or outdated furniture.

Home styling can paint a picture for buyers; it can show the potential for storage and it can demonstrate how well a space can be used. Turning a home study into a second bedroom or adding a dining space to the open plan living area, for example, will broaden the property’s market appeal.

      4. Provides a competitive edge

A staged home will stand out among the competition and is more likely to be remembered at the end of a long day of showings.

5. Encourages the buyer to see themselves living there

Allowing the buyer to mentally move in to your property is an important step in the selling process and home styling can help with this by removing personal items, from framed photographs and fridge memorabilia to toothbrushes and razors in the bathroom.

Instead of distracting the buyer into thinking about who currently lives in the property, a styled home gives buyers a reason to dream about wanting to live there.