Life in 2020?

Life in 2020?

Scientists and futurists are often asked to predict what life will be like in 2020. Now that this milestone year is not far away, let’s take a look at some of the predictions that supposedly await us just around the corner.

Domestic Bliss

No more cleaning, dusting or ironing, these tasks will be done by domestic robots. Androids are predicted to be the must-have item of the 2020s and people will be able to purchase them through Amazon-type vendors and customise them according to their needs.

Cure for Cancer

Cancer immunology is seen as a breakthrough in cancer research that will radically change the way cancer is treated. Rather than killing cancer cells directly with chemo or radiotherapy, treatments will promote the body’s natural immune control over the disease.

Hands free texting

Phones will provide the option of texting based solely on thought power. Eye-tracking technology will be used in conjunction with a sensor-mounted headset to detect electrical brain waves and convert them into digital signals.

Pop-up business

Pop-up companies will tackle a single project before disbanding. They will assemble teams, rent temporary office spaces and satisfy a certain need, then when the job’s over, they scatter and move on to a new project.

Ultra-thin screens

Surfaces like walls, mirrors and windows will act as display screens using ultra-thin malleable OLED technology. Already LG has unveiled a detachable 55-inch TV that you can stick to a wall using nothing more than a magnet.

Shifting wall colours

Colour changing film will be used in tiles and on flat surfaces like tables to enable changes in colour and pattern. Light up your walls at night, write messages on tables or adjust the colour of your floor.

Robot base on the moon

In an effort to further explore the solar system, Japan will have built a robot base on the moon. The robots will be equipped with solar panels, high-definition cameras and arms to gather rocks, which will be returned to earth via rocket.