Studies show that Properties make Money

Studies show that Properties make Money

If there’s any doubt in your mind about the value of property as a creator of wealth, new research from CoreLogic RP Data has found that you can’t go past property when looking for a profitable long term investment.

Researchers used an automated valuation process to obtain current property valuation estimates, and from there calculated equity levels for homes around the country.

The results clearly showed that in Australia, the average property is now worth almost double the amount of debt against it. This means property owners in either city or regional areas with a mortgage have accumulated 48.4% equity in their properties on average, which is the equivalent of $242,642.

New South Wales and Victoria have the highest average level of home equity at 56.6% and 49.3% respectively. The ACT came next at 42.8%, Queensland at 39.9% and South Australia at 39.4%.

Even the lowest equity level, in Tasmania, was still an impressive 32.7%, worth $95,427.

The research confirms what many property investors have long believed, that property is a solid basis for any wealth creation strategy.

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