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Unpredictable things DO happen

Growing your wealth is important. But protecting it can be just as important, too. We see wealth protection as an essential part of ensuring your path to financial freedom, when sadly it’s often overlooked.

Speak to us today and make sure that you and your family are protected from all of the unexpected things that can happen in life.


What would happen if you suffered an accident or injury and could never work again?

Or worse, what would happen if you weren’t around? Would the people around you who depend on you be able to survive?

An essential part of Wealth Planning is ensuring that you protect what you’ve got, and plan for the unexpected in the future.

The facts are that…

30% of women are diagnosed with a malignant cancer by age 75
The chances of suffering a major medical illness between age 30 and 64 are 40%
1 in 3 people will become disabled and have no income for more than 3 months before the age of 65
More than 30% of Life Insurance claims are Cancer related
60% of working Australian’s become disabled for more than 1 month during their working lives.
1 in 3 males will be diagnosed with cancer before age 75

Statistics taken from General Reinsurance Life Australia Limited 2012


When it comes to protecting what’s important to you, we know our stuff and can help you no matter what your situation.

  • We can help you with all types of cover

    • Life
    • Permanent Disability
    • Trauma or recovery
    • Income Protection & Salary continuance
    • Business expenses

  • We help provide protection for people just like you

    • Individuals & young couples
    • Growing families
    • Pre-retirees
    • Medical professionals
    • Business owners

  • Why use us?

    • We make things simple and easy for you
    • The main thing we focus on is advice, not product
    • Our strategies will give you peace of mind
    • You get a face to face relationship
    • Our service is centered around you, not us!


We’ve been helping people just like you for a long time, so naturally, we think we’ve become great at it. That’s why we’ve developed a simple but highly structured approach to ensure that you’re protected now and in the future – an approach that has one thing in common during every stage – it’s all about YOU.

1. It's all about you

We’ll begin by finding out what matters most to you. We want to know everything, from what you hold most important to what’s driving you to succeed. It’s important to know who you are and what drives you because that ultimately feeds back into the financial decisions you’ll make now and leading into the future – hopefully on your path to financial freedom.

2. Defining 'success'

Once we know and understand you and where you’re at, it’s time to define what success looks like to you. Since ‘success’ has a different meaning to just about everybody, it’s really important that we know what your goals and objectives are that so that you have a clearly defined expectation of where you want to be.

3. Mapping out your journey

Now we know what you’re all about, and what it is you’re after – it’s time to put a plan in place. We’ll work with you to map out a financial journey and provide you with a blueprint that offers you peace of mind and the confidence to reach your goals.

4. Bringing it all together

We’ve got the blueprint and we’ve set our targets, it’s time to make things happen! Once we’ve agreed on your plan we’ll help you every step of the way in putting it all into play!

5. Review and keep things in line

Sometimes life happens. That’s why we think it’s important to make sure that your goals and your definition of success is regularly reviewed and updated because the reality is that things change. And with that, sometimes so does your perspective. That’s why we’ll regularly review where you’re at and make sure that we can keep you on track. Whether it’s planning for the unplanned, or expecting the unexpected, it’s important to make sure that you review where things are at regularly.

When was the last time you checked to see whether your cover is still right for where you are right now? Complete our 5 minute health check to find out whether you have the right cover for your needs today!



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